Big Auto Accident Case Gets Big Results.

Big Auto Accident Case Gets Big Results

by Bret Schnitzer

Type of Action: Auto negligence.

Type of Injuries: Shoulder and back.

Name of Case: Martin, et al. v. Eareckson and Hickman Williams Co.

Court/Case No.: Wayne County Circuit Court, No. 91-127274 NI.

Name of Judge: Hon. Paul Teranes.

Jury Demand? Yes.

Damages Awarded/No cause of Action: $700,000.

Trial Verdict or Settlement: Settlement after mediation and three settlement conferences.

Attorney for Plaintiff: <a href=””>Bret A. Schnitzer</a>. Insurance Carrier: Continental Insurance.

Highest Offer: Settlement.

Other Useful Information: Defendants were forced to admit liability after the judge offered them to turn over a statement made by the plaintiff to his insurance carrier three days after the accident.

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