A Speedy Win By Bret Schnitzer!

A Speedy Win By Bret Schnitzer

by Bret Schnitzer

Type of Action: Auto negligence.

Type of Injuries: Neck injuries, bulging disk.

Name of case: Phyllis White v. City of Detroit.

Court/Case No.: 36th

District Court, No. 91-590250 P.S.

Name of Judge: Hon. Jimmy Lee Gray.

Jury Demand? Yes.

Damages Awarded: $90,000.00.

Trial Verdict or settlement: Settlement during trial.

Attorney for Plaintiff: <a href=”http://www.schnitzerlaw.net”>Bret A. Schnitzer</a>. Name/City of Your Experts: Treating Doctors.

Insurance Carrier: Self-insured.

Highest Offer: $90,000.00.

Other Useful Information: Case mediated for $2,500.00 defendant, motion for summary disposition based upon no serious impairment was denied.

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