Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park, Michigan

by Bret Schnitzer

Long before Lincoln Park was incorporated as a city, an area adjacent to the Ecorse River was the site of a pivotal meeting during Pontiac’s Rebellion. On April 27, 1763, a council of several American Indian tribes from the Detroit region listened to a speech from the Ottawa leader Pontiac. Pontiac urged the listeners to join him in a surprise attack on Fort Detroit, which they attempted on May 9. Today, the area is known as Council Point Park, and a small engraved boulder marks the site of the historic meeting. Neighborhoods were first laid out in what is today Lincoln Park in 1906. It was incorporated as a town in 1921 and as a city in 1925.

Preston Tucker, famous for his controversial financing and development of the revolutionary 1948 Tucker Sedan, grew up in Lincoln Park in the early 1900s. Tucker joined the Lincoln Park Police Department in his early years to gain access to the high performance cars the department used. Tucker is the subject of the 1988 movie Tucker: The Man and His Dream.

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